By Dan Cultra

Even though I have to clean
the sticky, syrupy counter when you are done,
I love making you pancakes.

On Sunday morning, I don’t have to rush
to work. Maybe that is why
I love making you pancakes.

If I forget to pour a cup of coffee,
I can pour one later. Like while
I make your pancakes.

I like having the time to step
away from the newspaper and
flip the pancakes that are just for you
or top off my cooling coffee or pour
a fresh cup between
pancake flips.

There is even time to pour
you orange juice
as your pancakes bubble on top.

You like to watch cartoons
or color pictures while the house
fills with coffee and pancake smell.

I also love, indeed take pride in,
pouring Grade A maple syrup
on your pancakes. I never had Grade A maple syrup
as a kid, and I am glad you get to enjoy such sweet deliciousness.

I don’t mind cleaning up, either.
There is time, and you have more cartoons
to watch. Syrup takes a little while to wipe clean. But
I love it anyway.

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